Jim Corbett National Park has wide range of flora which comprises the freshwater flora and alpine flora. There are Sal forests, Chaurs, Khair-Sissoo forests and much more consist of alpine Flora. On the other hand, the river plants have its own distinctive hierarchy. There are hundreds of variety of species of trees, shrubs, herbs, bamboos, grasses, climbers and ferns in the Jim Corbett National Park.


Royal Bengal Tiger is the One of the well-known species of animals inhabiting Jim Corbett. India’s tiger conservation program was started on 1st April 1973. Years ago, there were many man-eating tigers which dominated the Terai-Bhabar region. The other species are found in Corbett Park are given below:

Mammals : There are mammal species such as Tiger leopard, elephant, chital, sambar, and Indian Hog deer, barking deer, wild boar, langur, Wild pig, rhesus monkey, sambar and jackal are found in Corbett Park..

Birds : Birds species such as Peacock, Jungle Fowl, partridge, Kaleej Pheasant, crow, vulture, parakeet, Laughing Thrush, oriole, kingfisher, drongo, dove, woodpecker, duck, teal, stork, cormorant and seagull.

Reptile : Reptiles such as Indian marsh crocodile, gharial, King cobra, common krait, cobra, Russels viper, python and monitor lizard.

Birds : Fishes like Mahaseer, Kalimuchi, Kalabasu, Chilwa and Goonch.